Dynamical analysis of vehicle systems theoretical foundations and advanced applications - 1st? ed. - Wien Springer c. 2009 - 304 p. il., gráficos - CISM courses and lectures 497 .

Textos editados del curso CISM dictado en Udine, Italia (2006)

Vehicle and guideway modelling : suspension systems Schiehlen, W. Dynamics of railway vehicles and rail/wheel contact True, H. Tyre models, propulsion and handling of road vehicles Lugner, P. Dynamics of motorcycles : stability and control Sharp, R. Control of rail vehicles : mechatronic technologies Goodall, R. RailCab system : engineering aspects Lückel, J. ... [et al.] Advanced road and vehicles : control technologies, driver assistance Ammon, D. Schiehlen, W.


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